DPTSI’s sports programs provide a practical approach to injury prevention and performance enhancement returning the athlete, whether he/or she is a high school, college, or professional athlete, to their highest function in the shortest time possible. We know how important it is for the athlete to return to their sport better and safer than before!

We also offer a High School Outreach Program offering discount physical therapy services to student athletes. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will work together with parents, school athletic trainers and school physicians to return the student athlete to a safe sports environment.

Our expertise and experience covers a variety of sports, including:

► Volleyball
► Tennis
► Baseball
► Football
► Basketball
► Soccer
► Track and Field
► Dance
► Golf
► karate
► jujitsu
► wrestling
► water polo
► swimming

Whether you are trying to get your life back after an injury, improve your athletic performance, or just want to be able to stand a little taller, we can help.