DPTSI is proud to offer recovery, pain relief and wellness services with Low Level Laser therapy.  Localized treatments can greatly enhance results, particularly for wound healing, inflammation and pain control.

Photobiomodulation to humans is best used in comparison to Photosynthesis in plants.  Plants rely on rays from the sun to proliferate healthy cell growth.  The LED/infared light acts in  the same way for cell growth and rejuvenation in muscle structures of the human body.

Trigger Point Release and Pain Management
The THOR LX2 is a device that emits red and near-infrared (NIR) light, built to specifications supported through PBM clinical trials.
PBM clinical trials with similar wavelengths and power densities have been demonstrated:

  • • Analgesia can be achieved with high power density lasers targeting the nerves at the spine, nerve roots, nerve plexuses, and along the course of the nerve.  
  • • Trigger Points can be deactivated with high power density lasers.

The THOR 200mW single point laser probe has a built in trigger point / tender point locator which tells you the best places to treat. It measures electrical resistance in the skin; wherever the resistance drops, that is the ideal point to treat.


Our Ideal Patient:

• Anyone dealing with chronic pain, chronic degenerative disease (like
  fibromyalgia, MS), musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, traumatic brain
  injuries, strokes, dementia, cognitive dysfunction...anything where
  oxidative stress is the foundation.
• Athletes seeking to maximize sports performance & recovery.
• Anyone seeking to maximize wellness and quality of life with non-invasive
  drug-free means.
• Anyone seeking natural alternatives to the traditional methods of
  managing life's health problems.

What do these people have in common ?

Soft tissue injury and joint disorder rehabilitation with laser and LED photobiomodulation...

The most popular use of laser and LED photobiomodulation is the treatment of sports injuries and joint conditions. Many of the world's elite athletes use laser therapy to speed their recovery...Why?

  1. There is more published clinical and physiological evidence supporting the use of laser and LED photobiomodulation for soft tissue injuries and joint conditions than any electrotherapy modality as traditionally used by PT's / physiotherapists.
  2. It's considered the safest "electrotherapy" available by research experts.
  3. It's quick and simple to apply.
  4. Can be used immediately after injury, over pins, plates and bony prominences.

DPTSI THOR Library of Treatment Protocols:

THOR Testimonial Videos

THOR LLLT treatment of sports injuries

UK Soccer star Michael Owen gets LLLT treatment for a hamstring injury.

How NovoTHOR® helped win four Olympic medals
ALBERTO SALAZAR- On a scale from 1 to 10, I think recovery is as important as the actual training.  It is a 10. 

MATT CENTROWITZ "Who can recover quicker in this Sport is what separates us from other teams, with NovoTHOR we can train a lot harder and more frequently. It made a huge difference."
Recovery, Training & the Olympic Trials with NovoTHOR®
Dennis Mitchell, Justin Gatlin, Murielle Ahouré and Kaylin Witney talk about their experiences with the NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Pod and how the it arrived at a key time for the Olympic Trials.

Realtime video of cellular response to near-infrared "light". This is the work of Guenter Albrecht-Buehler, Ph.D.
More than half of americans live with chronic pain and is one of the reasons for missed work, and fuelled a billion dollar prescription drug industry. But laser therapy's noninvasive, high tech treatment now gets folk back to work faster.
NovoTHOR and the NBA's Phoenix Suns

PJ Tucker of the NBA Phonix Suns talks about his experiences using NovoTHOR.

More information on THOR LLLT

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